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How to Validate Startup Concepts with Webflow

Every startup is has to achieve a product-market fit before it can grow. One of the most important concepts for startup product and marketing teams to master is "market validation". Last fall, I gave a talk in Berlin for Webflow on validating startup concepts within Webflow. We discuss how to model, test, and validate your startup's product ideas and build customer relationships through web design and marketing campaigns. Watch the live talk or read the full post.

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Inside-Out Growth - A look at building character over personality

What does it mean to be a leader? Someone that people look up too? It someone who tells the truth? Is it someone who sees a decision through to the end? Is it the person who seems independent, and can take big risks and be the first to tackle a big task? As we look closer to what it means to be a great leader, we could probably assume that lying would definitely not be in the best interest of the role, but is positivity? Do we always have to be positive to be a great leader? The reality is that none of these questions are addressing the true Principles, about what it means to be a great leader. Before we can even...

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