Presskit - Resume

Cameron is a Marketing Consultant, Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Investor with 7 years of experience in the digital space. He has worked with tech and e-commerce brands like Google, Spotify, Crowdsurge, and Nordstrom Rack and is passionate about the intersection of design, technology, and business. 

As a former audio producer, Cameron’s creative approach to solving problems and designing new solutions sets him apart in a unique category of venture creation. He's always finding new ways to help startups innovate and takes a technical approach to scaling ventures.

Cameron's journey has been strategic and one-of-a-kind. His previous background as a producer after graduating from Berklee College of Music gave him a perspective about storytelling that he was able to take to the online world.

Shortly after shifting into web development, he won multiple hackathons and became a top engineer seeked out by Facebook, Google, and top companies in Silicon Valley for a position. He spent 3 years building web applications and websites for agencies in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

However, Cameron knew he could apply his skills uniquely and transitioned into become a Product Manager where he helped startups in New York and Boston build out MVPs and launch new features.

Finally, after understanding the details of how digital products really work he began to focus heavily on marketing. For the past 4 years Cameron has been applying his unique skills in the world of web design, content marketing, and paid advertising. He's written for blogs like Webflow, Packt, and Change Invest.

He's run successful ad campaigns for brands like Frame, Onest Health, and Cohab. With his creative and technical marketing skills, he has shifted into the world of automation and digital media. He helps brands achieve their KPIs through strategic marketing systems and compelling content.

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