Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent or company looking to improve your marketing strategy?

Clearly define your target audience

The first step in any great marketing strategy is to clearly understand and define your target audience. A great way to do this is to create a mindmap and outline all the attributes to your ideal customer. 

This includes the geography, demographics, psychographics, interests, etc.

Since most of customers are online, gather this data by joining groups, communities, or researching keywords and hashtags in your target market.

Create a unique brand promise

Once you have a target audience in mind, you'll want to create relevance by positioning your brand as a "trusted advisor" or in other words someone that they can trust. However, this is just the beginning... you'll also need to craft a unique promise you can make to your customer that your brand will fulfill on consistently.

To create your unique brand promise, think about what the customer really needs. Instead of the direct needs, think of the need "behind" the need which might be variety, certainty, connection, or growth.

We have deeper needs we're fulfilling when renting an apartment or buying a property. Think about what promise you can make to speak to that bigger purpose of why you'll be a great brand they can trust.

Optimize your offer

In order to get people excited about what you have to offer, you'll want to optimize your offer for maximum impact. To do this with a piece of real estate, think about all the benefits involved...

  • What's nice about the location?
  • What does the kitchen look like?
  • Is there a outdoor balcony?
  • Are there heated floors in the bathrooms?
  • How much storage space is there?

In addition to thinking through all the details with your listing, the higher quality media you can showcase the better. Make sure your photos are professional and focused.

Try to do something out of the box to drive more interest, for example adding a pink flamingo with sunglasses on in the living room. If you're going for a more professional brand, then try decorating the rooms like a hotel with chocolates on the bed to make it look more appealing.

Design a compelling customer journey (experience)

When promoting your offer, you'll want to think about your funnel... or the customer journey that your brand creates. You can think about the top of your funnel like a conversation, where there are different into "threads" or sub-topics that are specific to a part of the conversion.

All customers start out as leads and they need to be educated and nurtured before they convert to a customer. The path that you guide the lead through is important and your brand can create it's own unique experience to engage your audience. A few ideas to nurture leads might be to:

  • Educate by covering the most important questions that they have
  • Do video walkthrough's of the property and show the different rooms
  • Create a article series covering the history of different properties
  • Invite leads to do a tour and visit the property (tell them you'll bring them a gift)

Pitch them to buy

Finally once your prospects are excited about the offer and have are motivated to move forward, pitch them your offer and make a deal they can't refuse. Give them a set timeline to create more scarcity and urgency.

Always end with a smile and don't be too pushy. You'll be boosting your sales and creating happy customers in no time. :) 

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